About Us

We believe relationships are important; they build trust and cooperation among people, organizations, and movements. Please get to know us so that we might cooperate more effectively with you for the advancement of community media in your community, and for the sector worldwide.



RadioExpert is a not-for-profit public service organization founded in 2003 to organize and expedite the continuing activities in support of community media worldwide. Our early activities included advocating the development of community radio in the United States and Europe, building a template for community media social enterprise, and developing training modules for best practices in community media. We also did individual station consulting, and developed university courses in community media.
Today, RadioExpert.org incorporates all those activities and more into an effective and accessible group of tools and services serving community media - especially development of media production skills among Roma youth in Europe.



Henry Loeser - USA – Director

Henry Loeser is a veteran practitioner, advocate, researcher, and teacher of both commercial and non-commercial media since 1985. As founder and director of radioexpert.org Henry has consulted numerous media organizations, regulators, and legislators around the world. He enjoys travel, old pick-up trucks, and plays active sports.



Petr Banda - CZE - General Manager

 Petr studies economics at Mendel University in Brno, and works with several NGO's concerning local, national and international projects and consulting. He is also a member of the working group of the Czech Council for Roma minority affairs. At RadioExpert, Petr leads the relaunch of activities after the Covid break - including adminstration, marketing, and project development.


Filip Johanek - CZE - Technical Specialist

Filip recently earned his MA in Music Arts, which gives him more time now to play the drums in his Czech alt-rock band. He continues to volunteer at the Masaryk University student radio, and cooperates with  professional technicians to design and build studios for Radioexpert projects. Filip also works to develop solutions for radio copyleft music, podcasting and playout systems. 


Jan Gerych - CZE - Project Manager

English teacher, musician, volunteer and off air manager at Radio R, hosts a
bohemian talkshow every two weeks. Jan has MA degree in Art History and has released his latest album on vinyl under his alter ego name burningboy. Jan managed the "Europa Schools On-Air" project - with partners from France, UK, Spain and Italy.


Jobs & Internships

Career development is an important part of the Radioexpert paradigm. We are always seeking bright, energetic people who are committed to environmental, economic and social justice. If you believe in helping others as a means to develop yourself, please contact our director for more information! hloeser@radioexpert.org