Europa Schools "On-Air"

RadioExpert partners with high schools and universities to support media skills development and cross-cultural understanding among European students.

The "Europa Schools On Air" project aims for students from various European countries to collaborate and prepare radio broadcasts while gaining experience in intercultural communication and tolerance towards other ethnicities.

Members of the project are secondary schools, universities and radio NGOs from France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain and Czechia respectively. In each mobility, the host organization prepares a program of sightseeing, culture events, radio excursions and workshops. At the and a joint broadcast takes place presenting all teams‘ mobility projects. Between the mobilities regular multiplex broadcasts are made including all partners.

The first mobility was in October 2017 in Salerno, Italy with Liceo Classico Francesco de Sanctis as the host organization. The second in March 2018 in Bordeaux, France whose Lycée Gustave Eiffel de Bordeaux was not only a host but the general authority and manager of the Europa Schools On Air project. The following mobility was in September 2018 in Madrid, Spain with La Universidad Complutense de Madrid hosting.

The big finale was held in Brno at Masaryk University in May 2019, when the groups came together to apply their skills to learn about Czech society and culture. It was a productive week of fellowship, training, and broadcasting in Brno!