Roma Youth Media

Could Roma kids help shape their own future through making programs for radio, TV and social media?

The Issue

Marginalization of the Romani minorities of Central/Eastern Europe remains among the most difficult problems facing Europe today. The search for solutions must include empowerment of Roma people through education and access to media structures.

The Call to Action

At the EU Roma Summit in 2008, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso called upon all of Europe: “We must use all means possible to improve the inclusion of Roma people. Unless fundamental change happens, millions of young Roma will face nothing else than a lifetime of social exclusion and marginalization. Mainsteam societies need to offer Roma youth a real, practical chance to improve their own perspectives.” He continued: “We should encourage the Roma to become active subjects of their destiny and to take responsibility for their lives. But we must offer them real opportunities. People grow into citizens, only when they get the opportunity to do so.”

Our Idea

Media literacy and skills training for Roma youth can provide an effective means for media literacy, collaboration, inclusion, access, education employment skills development and social cohesion. The Roma Youth Media Project is a multi-year initiative to establish and maintain media training programs for Roma youth in Europe. Our goals are to establish enabling environments for Roma youth radio in civil societies, and develop sustainable Roma youth radio, TV and film producers and moderators. The project is based on a strategic plan developed by Henry Loeser at Masaryk University that will employ advocacy, consulting, training, and project development.

How Does it Work?

Stakeholders & participants in each country/locale are engaged through a series of workshops, consulting and training sessions in a community-building exercise with a local community radio or TV studio. Then Roma youth begin producing their local programs in their local language, which are uploaded for streaming on their channel on popular online sites.


The Roma Youth Media Project would contribute to enhancing tolerance and mutual understanding by providing a means of communication for Roma youth to better understand their role and responsibilities in EU society. Also for non-Roma people to learn about Roma culture, values, and issues thereby reducing racism and intolerance through understanding. It would promote employment through the transfer of know-how, and skills building. Successful Roma programs will then be a conduit for sustainable development by associated groups, also encouraging social cohesion by establishing Roma media as effective civil society organizations. To see the project in action, click here.